SHIRE SURVEY: In Case of Emergency

Currently during an emergency the Shire of Chittering liaises with the Community via incoming phone calls and through their Facebook page, as these are thought to be the most timely methods of communication.

We are seeking your feedback on ways that we might improve upon this.  Please complete the survey online at (or there is a PDF copy attached).

The survey closes on 16 January 2015.

Thank you for your time in assisting with our research.

Karen Dore
Economic Development / Communications Officer


Shire of Chittering - ABC Geraldton/Perth - Fire Ban date (0001 - 2359 ), 25 & 26 December 2014 & 1 January 2015.

 Shire of Chittering


Regulation 38A (Restricted and Prohibited Burning Times)

Use of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery likely to cause a bush fire.

(Commonly referred to as Harvest and Movement of Vehicles in paddocks bans)

I, Jamie O’Neill, an authorised Chief Bush Fire Control Officer of the Shire of Chittering hereby declare a ban on the use or operation of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery on the following days.

0001hrs – 2359hrs 25 December 2014

0001hrs - 2359hrs 26 December 2014

0001hrs – 2359hrs 1 January 2015



  • Harvesting operations are not permitted,
  • Any “hot works” (e.g. welding, grinding, cutting, heating etc) in the “open air” are not permitted, (note—these activities are not permitted during the term of any Total Fire Ban).
  • Other – Use or operation of any engine, vehicle, plant, equipment or machinery in the area likely to cause a bush fire or contribute to the spread of a bush fire.


  • Movement of Vehicles on “gazetted roads” (as described in Bush Fires regulation 24A(1) and Road Traffic Act 1974 section 5.1).
  • Movement of vehicles on a lane, driveway, yard or other area that provides access to, or a parking facility at, any residential, farming or business premises, if the area has been sufficiently cleared of inflammable material to prevent the escape of fire.
  • Use or operation of a vehicle if it is for the prevention of an immediate and serious risk to the health or safety of a person or livestock, and only if all reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent the activity from creating a bush fire danger.
  • Use or operations of vehicles and undertaking of “hot works” by those persons holding a current Exemption under Bush Fires Act 1954 s. 22C (Exemption from Total Fire Bans)


NAME: Jamie O’Neill

Chief Bush Fire Control Officer – Shire of Chittering

Saturday BBQ

Just wanted to say thank you to those that arranged and run the BBQ last Saturday afternoon (2nd August). Andie, Millie and I had a great time and it was a shame that we had to leave that bit earlier, although it saved us from having to undo the belt buckle by one notch, the burgers and sausages where grand.

Once again, thank you and well done.


Inaugural Bindoon Fireman's Ball

As we only have very limited tickets available, it's first in best dressed.

Please note this is an 18+ event.

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